Create municipal coworking space

A successful creative workspace requires 45 interconnected elements including branding, interior design & building a community. We cover them all.



Create the space and provide the tools to entrepreneurs


Word of mouth is the best way of promotion. Provide to your clients with good gossip reason – coworking space.


Coworking is a blooming industry and a fast growing market. Join to this revolution and stay ahead of other cities.


Coworking space development is financed by European Union. Find out how to get a grant step by step.

How can we help you?

We devide reaching the goals for 4 stages:


Research and Diagnosis

This is the moment in which:
- You show us your vision and expectations
- we check the possibilities, needs and market potential
- we create the Coworking Space Strategy for your local business environment

Space and brand creation

We are starting to create your Coworking Space
What can you expect?
- space design with optimized tools
- staff training in space management and it’s autonomous promotion
- coherent branding strategy
- IT support
- Marketing & PR Strategy

Strategy implementation

It’s time to show your Coworking Space to everyone by:
- intensive marketing activity
- PR support
- social media marketing
- membership program implementation
- ongoing IT support
- constant contact with specialist

Raport and evaluation

You will be given the detailed analysis of previous activity and then the final raport. And now, being aware of the actual situation you make informed decision whether we act together longer or shell we just give the knowledge and our experience to your staff.
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